How to safely use medical marijuana

There are endless methods to use cannabis as a medicine. Unlike the playful use of this substance, to consume therapeutic marijuana it is advisable to do it in the healthiest way possible, avoiding at all times the use of tobacco , and using other methods than smoking. Do you want to know what they are?

Although it is not the best way to consume medicinal cannabis , smoking is still the most accessible and comfortable way for people. However, there are many other equally simple ways to administer cannabis for therapeutic purposes .

Thanks to recent research, different ways of consuming cannabis have been developed to preserve the therapeutic properties of the plant as much as possible . Thus, it is mainly about potentiating cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis. While the use of medical cannabis becomes even more popular in all parts of the world, health experts say that smoking is no longer the most effective way to use cannabis. Here are 3 ways to use medicinal cannabis without smoking:

  1. Vaporization: it is a somewhat more expensive method but the vaporizers are healthier and cleaner. Cannabis is heated to a temperature lower than that of combustion until an inhalable vapor is obtained. The main advantage of vaporization is that it does not alter the active components of the plant. The combustion method extracts up to 20% of the components of cannabis, while in the case of vaporization, 90% is extracted.
  2. Orally: The most common form is sublingual oil. After several investigations and tests, the extraction process has been improved and there are currently different types of oil on the market. In fact, there are oils that have reached the market of food supplements, mixing hemp with olive, sunflower, or hemp seeds. The fact that these oils are concentrated in THC or CBD, has very powerful therapeutic effects against many diseases such as epilepsy or chronic pain. The most advantageous for users who opt for consuming medicinal cannabis orally is that CBD oils can contain a percentage of THC almost zero, eliminating the sometimes undesirable psychoactive effect. Likewise, terpenes and other beneficial components are preserved when the oil is mixed with the food or if it is drunk as an infusion with a cloud of whole milk.
  3. The rectal or vaginal suppository: The suppository is among the most effective ways to consume medicinal cannabis by the rapid absorption of the substance in the body. The rectal route has the advantage of increasing the effects of cannabis through the mucous membranes also reducing the psychoactive effects; something very interesting for those interested in trying the therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

With all these new ways of consuming medicinal cannabis, experts increasingly advise against smoking medicinal cannabis and recommend other ways to consume it in order to protect the lungs and take more advantage of the effect of cannabinoids. In this sense, doctors specialized in medicinal cannabis opt for treatments with oils and vaporization.

You can also make marijuana butter with which we can make desserts, spread toast, make cookies, … Keep in mind that the effect is different from that of smoked marijuana, slower in arriving but stronger and more durable .

When it comes to eating foods made with therapeutic marijuana, it is recommended to start with small amounts to test how they feel, and gradually achieve the desired effect to alleviate the symptoms of the disease suffered by the user.

Another optimal method is the vaporization of marijuana . Through the vaporizers the marijuana does not combust , which does not produce gases harmful to the lungs. The resin glands or trichomes are vaporized and the vapor is inhaled, which produces a cleaner effect. In this way you can also enjoy a much more intense flavor .

Although at present there are many vaporizers in the market, one of the best for this use is still the Volcano, created more than a decade ago. There are also other ones on the market, you can find some here, and here.

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